Sometimes when translating information from one source to the next, the meaning gets lost, emotion loses value, passion becomes apathy.
Monday, May 7, 2007

Is 'vaguity' a word? I looked it up in the dictionary but it didn't come up. I did see a lot of people using it, though, so I think I'll use it as well, for lack for a better (real) word.

The trip to Atlanta and Birmingham to see Modest Mouse was really quite amazing.

So much happened that it's sort of hard to put into words. And even if I were to try to put it into words, it seems like it would sort of cheapen the experience. But then again, to not write about it and to leave you guys out of the loop also seems like sort of an asshole move.

Rachel kept exclaiming it to be the "best weekend ever." I would come pretty close to agreeing, but the long drive home in the middle of the night got me thinking about some other weekends I've spent. Not many come close to competing. Just one, really.

I don't think the trip resolved any feelings, though. I knew this could really go either way. Honestly, I don't know which way would be better, anyway, so I'll take it how I can and try to go with it.

It's always a fun experience to have a friend from one part of my life meet a friend from another part of my life. That sort of thing can go either way, too.

But this trip went pretty much flawlessly.

Thanks for the memories.

Posted by K. Hanley